Numeracy Tests

Designed specifically to cover a comprehensive range of Numeracy and Math related skills through the use of specifically designed and prebuilt assessments.

Key Skills Measured



Accuracy / Speed

Attention to detail

Keyboard skills



Assessmments Available

Numeric reasoning

Numeracy Level 1

Numeracy Level 2

Maths Level 1

Maths Level 2

Basic Maths & Numeracy

Numeric Entry

This collection of assessment enables you to identify and evidence the candidate skills at the level and type required by either the individual or the role in question. Covering a range of assessments from Numerical Reasoning to Basic Math, this module can be utilised to indentify skills within a variety of industries and roles whether this be for initial recruitment or training and development through skills gap identification.

For you: Separate assessments are specifically designed around subject matters. These allow you to easily identify and assign the appropriate assessment for the role or subject knowledge required.  This also allows the results to be presented specifically for the subject or skill being measured providing you with a clear and comparable output for each candidate.

For the candidate: Assigning the appropriate subject assessment to the candidate minimises the length of the assessment, eliminates the need for the candidate to have to answer unessesary / unrelated questions and ensures the results presented are accurate to that subject being measured.

Assessments Available

Numeric Reasoning  [full details]

The assessment has been designed to present the candidate with a calculation which requires an element of logical thought.

Numeracy Level 1 [full details]

Designed to assess an individual’s ability in regards to working with numeric calculations.

Numeracy Level 2 [full details]

The assessment has been designed to specifically assess the candidate’s ability in regards to working with numerical data.

Maths Level 1 [full details]

Designed to measure a candidate’s ability in regards to mathematical computations and mental arithmetic.

Maths Level 2 [full details]

Designed to measure a candidate’s ability in regards to mathematical calculations and general mathematics.

Basic Maths & Numeracy [full details]

The assessment has been specifically designed to test a candidates ability in regards to mental arithmetic and numerical principles at a more general and basic levels.

Numeric Entry [full details]

Measures a candidate’s ability to accurately and consistently input numeric data into a selection of entry fields throughout a time frame determined by the administrator.

Bespoke Adjustments?

All assessments can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Bespoke activities often include the addition of organisation specific questions relating to specific software, company policies and procedures as well as the removal of questions if required. 

Call to discuss you are interested in the flexibility we offer and the next step to configuring your bespoke assessments on 0845 434 8959.


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The benefits of using a Skillsarena testing package include its simplicity, the ability to use it remotely and of course its competitive pricing.

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